A common but rare name given to a girl who mothers come from certain cultures or like to give a twist to Melissa and change it to Mellisa.

Pronounce: Mel-Lisa but also can be said like Melissa

They are creative people, with a brilliant smile and heart for the world to see. They're only care for caring and if you leave her behind, she'll be thankful for the memories you left, for she treasure them or learnt something from them.

Even if you try and temper with them, they try and keep reasonable, even through, like any other person they can break, only certain people can make this person feel better. e.g. friends, family, boyfriends ect.

Tough as stone and frail as an angel, they know how to fly, but will slow down to help others around them. They're sweet and protective people and will mother those who get close them.

Mellisa is someone who are rare to find, but someone you wished to keep when you really notice them.
Friend:"Hey, can help me with this?"
Mellisa:"Sure, what the prob?"
by Unicorndanceonyourdeadbody January 10, 2015
A Mellisa's beauty is inconceivable. The last man to lay eyes on her was Stevie Wonder.

A Mellisa does not get frost bite. She bites frost.

If a Mellisa is late- time better slow down.

Should you ever come across a Mellisa give her a compliment. Just kidding, she wont be surprised- a Mellisa hears thoughts.
by lukethighwalker87 February 23, 2010
Mellisa can mean 'Honey Bee'. But can also mean Frail, Beautiful, and Thin. Not only is it that but Mellisa is, obviously, a womans name. Usually these women are frail thin, and decently beautiful.
Mmmm this is some good Mellisa.
Shes so Mellisa, She needs to eat something!
Ooh he called her Mellisa, how cute.
by JJC & Micky May 13, 2008
A Mellisa is another word for a Vagina or Fanny. This comes from the time me and my friends were at college and my friend was complaining about a sore Mellisa. A Mellisa is also the word for a dangerous girl
Friend: Oh my Mellisa is so sore.

Boy: Want me to run it for you?

Example2 -
Friend: That Mellisa is so dangerous! She just got hit by a car and got back up!
Friend 2: Yeah! I saw she went to school the next day!
by Lifeisshitdealwithit September 14, 2017
She's the perfect person to have. She's loving, caring, and beautiful. And most importantly is that she's mine and you cant have her
Mellisa Austin is like What you cant have
by Kay Fridman March 31, 2011
speaks 3 different languages
can incinerate books
gets straight a's
she also has the dictionary of lifebuilt in to her
go ask the mellisa bot, she know everything
by 19a May 10, 2005
A beautiful girl that looks like one of gods angels.
A fun person to be around.
Looks great in a bathing suit.
"Dude that girl is super hot!"
"Yeah she is! Her name must be Mellisa sloan"
by Jzb3 January 2, 2012