A term used to secretly communicate about regular "regs" marijuana.
Hey what up man do you know about reggie bush?
by Dr. M. Dravius PhD MD November 26, 2008
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(adj) (n)- To have a successful college football career, and to be overrated enough to get picked #1 in the NFL draft. Most likely a bust in terms of hype.
See-Ryan Leaf
"OMG! Look at that Reggie Bush, he'll be amazing on the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!"

"You're a fucking moron, Bush isnt going to NY, and he's gonna suck major balls unless he goes to the Broncos, you'll all be dissapointed.
by Fllntjohnson January 4, 2006
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Started as a running back for the USC Trojans (#5) and now plays in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints.
Won the Heisman trophy
Rumor has it he dated R&B singer Ciara.
He was the man in Ciara's music video "Like a Boy"
Did you just see Reggie Bush run that ball in for a touchdown from the 50 yard line?!??
by HipHoPNicoLE August 7, 2007
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a very hairy pussy
man my new girl got a reggie bush
by ttvad August 18, 2008
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The best running back and one of the best receivers in the NFL. This guy will help the New Orleans Saints big time. A very strong, versatile, athletic, and competitive football player who doesn't back down from pressure.

The Saints are in a great position to win the Super Bowl. Go Saints!
Reggie Bush can outrun anybody, can shake off attackers like AI, and can return kickoffs like nobody's business. WHODAT!"
by Adel7 September 5, 2007
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Getting hit so hard someone has trouble getting up.

Did you see that hit Sheldon Brown had on Steven Jackson?

Man he got Reggie Bushed
by apsn September 13, 2008
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