in graffiti terms: getting your name (tag) up
i've seen 20 of his tags just today! damn, he's getting up!
by christian December 8, 2003
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It is to leave your name or tag up somewhere. In today's graffiti world it is a generalized term signifying earning a reputation by placing your moniker somewhere whither seen or not. Traditionally "to get up" meant to place one's graffiti name in a high and visible location like a Billboard, Rooftop or High Rise i.e. literally "Getting Up" somewhere high and visible in a sometimes difficult spot for notable and street fame.
Tonight I am "Gettin' Up" on that Billboard along I-70 because I am Out for Fame and maybe one day I can earn some street credibility by "getting up" on rooftops like Amaze in L.A..
by Another Creation June 27, 2016
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This term is used in tagger speech. Its is defined as: repping you name, to show that ur the bast tagger out here, and no one can stop you from doin what you do best.
hey man. Have you heard of that new game "getting up". i heard its about a new person thats into tagging, and hes tryin to show that heas the best.
by $treet $oldier February 4, 2007
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When you're tryna smash but u dont wanna say it directly cause you're in front of their parents or in public
Ay ma let me get up in that later, nawwwmean
by emistrynasmash July 5, 2018
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To contact someone,to speak to someone, to get a hold of someone.
Where have you been? I've been trying to get up with you?
by StephanieB May 1, 2008
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someone's outfit, usually directed to a good looking hizzy.
(whispers)yo, check out that get up on skeezah.
by waudi c. wilkins August 5, 2003
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