Poontang the way Mother Nature intended - totally natural and unshaven :D My girlfriend is a nice pretty young lady who's also completely unshaven, and allows me to pleasure her in ways only someone who likes hairy snizz can. Anyone who doesn't like hairy coochie is probably gayer than a rainbow banner at a gay pride parade.

Contrary to what I've seen many people write, a girl's pubic hair does not, I REPEAT, DOES NOT get stuck in your teeth if you went down on her. Anyone who is stupid or fucked up enough to believe that doesn't deserve to get any, fuckin' homos...
My girlfriend always lets me go down on her, and I am much obliged to eat out her sweet, naturally hairy pussy - mmm, yummy
by Robert F. Black September 26, 2007
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Condition reminding you to go buy her new razors.
Damn, bitch! You see these hairs in my mouth! Why dont you shave that hairy pussy more often!
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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A person (usually male, but sometimes female) who has a complete hatred and/or discontent with a woman’s genitals having pubic hair. He/she is usually the type of person who watches pornography on a consistent basis and then expects his/her girlfriend/wife to live up to the visual imagery of the women on screen.

This type of person often does not see a woman for who she is, but rather unfortunately, he/she sees a woman for who “she is not” and begins to demand that she shave her pubic hair to fit his/her desires and personal expectations.

In many cases women are generally already not comfortable with their body. In some sense women might have a certain “fear” for their natural state because pornography and razor companies have pushed the idea of what the female image should be. To add on to this, her boyfriend/husband who demands that she shave only adds to her frustration and her developing phobia of her own body’s normal state.

In quintessence, “Hairy pussy Phobia” exists in those who are apprehensive of the natural human body; in this case, dread of pubic hair. Individuals who have ‘Hairy Pussy Phobia’ will constantly try to justify their “preference” for the shaved ‘5-year-old-look’ on a woman. The justification responses for shaved vaginas have become very identical over the years to the point that now have developed into ‘programmed responses’.
Henry: “Wow, Jennifer is gorgeous. I would surely date her.”

David: “You’re right, she’s hot. But look at all that long hair.”

Henry: “What’s long hair supposed to mean?”

David: “Dude, if she has that much hair on her head, imagine how much she has down there.”

Henry: “So what? What’s wrong with that? Hair below on a woman is natural.”

David: “Well, I don’t like it hairy. She needs to shave her shit. I don’t want her hairs getting stuck in my mouth when I eat her out.”

Henry: “Bro, hair doesn’t get stuck in your mouth when you pleasure her. Where’d you get that from? That’s just a typical programmed response that comes from people who can’t appreciate a natural woman. Dude, you’ve got Hairy Pussy Phobia.”
by Black Brotha for Humanity January 9, 2010
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A disorder of people who think that pussies should be shaven, these people are idiots whose only experience of sex is lame pornography, made by people who think that women can only appeal to men if they look like a cross between a blow up doll and a transvestite. Rappers for example cannot cope with what a mature woman should actually look like naked.
Sir Angus Carlyle: By gad what is that silly juvenile in the hat doing?
Lady Maude Carlyle: Why he is vomiting profusely.
Sir Angus Carlyle: Why so?
Lady Maude Carlyle: Methinks he has been offered sex from a real woman and this silly fuckwit saw a bush and has Hairy Pussy Disorder.
Sir Angus Carlyle: Stupid Cunt
by Mrs Apollo Moon Lander April 11, 2011
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Hairy Pussy Disorder is a horrid disease which is sweeping the world. Its’ origins are countries such as Italy, Latin America, and the Middle East. (Although Latin America and the Middle East are not actual countries, they are all the same to me.) Hairy Pussy Disorder causes the carrier of this disease to have a vagina with more pubic hair than the jungles from that movie Avatar, or Vietnam for people who have never watched the movie. Hairy Pussy Disorder is becoming a very efficient method of cockblocking, because if a guy was trying to fuck a girl and his dick got stuck in that hairy pussy, it may never be heard from again. It is a quickly growing disease, and the only way to cure it is to SHAVE THAT FUCKING HAIRY PUSSY!
Guy 1: Dude picture Osama Bin Laden's beard on some girls pussy.
Guy 2: Nah man, that shit should be illegal.

Guy 1: Yo, I wanna bang that chick.
Guy 2: Nah man, she ain't worth it.
Guy 1: Why not?
Guy 2: Because she's got HPD!
Guy 1: What the hell's that?
Guy 2: Hairy Pussy Disorder!
by the guy 1012 January 20, 2010
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