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Any abbreviation pertaining to "regular." Originally related to weed quality.
Can you hook a bro up with some of the regs?
by Andy January 23, 2004
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REG is an acronym for Reactionary Exclusionist Gatekeeper. They believe in gatekeeping of the LGBT+ community.

REGs may be:

-aphobic, arguing that asexuals and aromantics are not inherently LGBT

-biphobic, arguing that bi people must experience same-gender attraction to be LGBT, or discounting bi experiences altogether

-transphobic, arguing that the T in "LGBT" be dropped or other such rhetoric

-transphobic, arguing that one must experience dysphoria to be trans

-transphobic, arguing against nonbinary existence/validity

-intersexist, arguing that intersex people do not have a place in the LGBT+ community

-and many more

See also Truscum, TERF, SWERF
I really wish these REGs would stop acting like dickwads and start respecting that other people have different experiences than them
by xla March 17, 2017
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shortened version of "regular"; can be used in conjuction with whatev
-Oh how's your sloppy joe?
-Eh, reg.

-Do you wanna go to this party?
-Whatev, it's totally reg.
by kacky January 30, 2005
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Low quality marijuana. Often referred to as schwag or reggies.
Man, I wanted some dank, but that bastard only had regs.
by Ben January 16, 2003
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man you got dem regs to roll a fatty bo batty?

Hell yeah nigga!
by andizzle December 11, 2003
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Bullet Registration in Counter-Strike ,often reffered to servers who have low registration (response) ,thus players on the server cannot hit other people even though the aim was right on them.
The reg on Jolt servers is totally crap
by Al3x October 31, 2004
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1. a type of weed that is below average, could be considered either brick weed or schwag.

2. Someone who is a regular somewhere, who everyone knows.
1. What kinda weed you got? Oh i just got some reg.

2. i went to the bar last night and saw all the same people, they are all regs.
by shownprovekev October 20, 2009
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