Any abbreviation pertaining to "regular." Originally related to weed quality.
Can you hook a bro up with some of the regs?
by Andy January 23, 2004
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Low quality marijuana. Often referred to as schwag or reggies.
Man, I wanted some dank, but that bastard only had regs.
by Ben January 17, 2003
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man you got dem regs to roll a fatty bo batty?

Hell yeah nigga!
by andizzle December 12, 2003
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VERY, VERY LOW QUALITY marijuana. Usually is very disgusting, dark weed with lots of stems and seeds, and doesn't even get you high. It just f*cks up your throat pretty much... At least thats what we call regs down south here in florida.
It's basically marijuana that has been picked pre-maturely.. just the leaves (not alot of THC), and not the flower (bud).

Man i asked my weed man for some kryp, and this bitch niga gave me some nasty ass regs (reggies)!!!!
by Professional Herb Smoka April 26, 2009
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Miami slang for a quality of street weed. Commonly misidentified as schwag. In the street weed hierarchy, there are three echelons - mids, regs, schwag. Schwag is the dirt weed that tastes nasty and makes you choke when you hit it. Regs is a step above schwag - definitely not good shit, no crystals, a sickly fragrance, looks like the marijuana plant has been thrown through a wood-chipper, but cleaner than schwag. The high is mainly a body high and very weak compared to dank, but not unpleasant like the headache high schwag gives you. Mids are the best weed you can by off the street - crystals, fragrance, nice taste, good high, it's just not super dank shit.

Regs are a nice option to have if you can't afford dank.
money mike: no mids around, i could only get a dime of regs. wish i could afford some chronic.
nicklebag nihil: at least it ain't schwag, roll that shit up!
by money mike 305 November 7, 2009
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Normal weed. In between headies and mids... just good quality weed. Nothing really special about regs like headies where often time you know the strain etc.
I just picked up some nice sativa regs for $40 an eigth.
by OzzBozz October 27, 2006
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In Southern California, the term "regs" means bomb bud but nothing really special like kush or purps. Its normally around $40/eigth or less, and about $200-$260 an O. Some people also consider good quality bud like juicy fruit etc. regs.
Homie: Yo man, you got any regs in?
Dealer: yeah, i've got some bomb chronic in
Homie: Oh forsho, how much is an O?
Dealer: $240
Homie: Alright, i'll be there in a sec
by rob12345 January 21, 2007
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