Boring ass neighbourhood, not ghetto at all but filled with kids who think they hood or bout that life just because they listen to Pressa or nba youngboy. And most of them are indian or white kids throwing gang signs like stfu Kyle and stop saying “Slatt” “Slime”, like ur dukes got a Honda and you go to St.Peter’s. Niggaz sell a g to they friends and instantly change they ig bio to trapper or “🔌”.

Probably got the best athletes in Ottawa tho.
Guy: yeoo, shordy where u from
Girl: I’m from the south my guy hbu
Guy: I’m from Orleans, wys...
Girl: ...bye
by Greaserrr March 31, 2019
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Neighborhood in Ottawa. While not a rough neighborhood it's still a fucking hellhole. Underage kids vape, people get jumped because they picked on the wrong dumbass tall person and full of total idiots who only care about shoes and popularity. Popular kids think they're so fucking cool by getting a new girlfriend every half day. Good luck in life cum brains. Horny dumbass mfs.
I live in Orleans therefore I must vape and be an example of a bad Canadian.
by lmfao_69 October 28, 2020
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Most fascinating, pretty name. An Orlean would be a glamorous female.
Orlean is very glam
by averycoolpersonlala November 23, 2010
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Another name for New Orleans, No Orleans is what happens when a huge-ass hurricane heads for a city that is below sea level.
New Orleans + Katrina = No Orleans
by Fregor February 22, 2006
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When one teams defense is collectively made to look like a bitch; also, when a defensive player of one team is seen with frothy, usually slimy, amalgam of lubricant, stray fecal matter, and ejaculate leaking out of thier rectum after being abused by another team's offense.
Greenbay got orleaned last night..... I hope they will be able to walk today.
by Clay Mathews October 28, 2014
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Orleans: some town on a giant piece of sand that tourists visit religiously. Orleans is composed of four parts: old people, tourists, us kids (crazy and not), and more old people. We kids are always looking for fun in some form of another. One example: surfing the many pavement waves in Orleans. Whenever we cruise the streets of Orleans (whether in the way or not of a car) our fun is noisily interrupted by the annoying sound of a car horn. It would be no surprise that an old person, or a tourist sat behind the wheel muttering (or shouting) CRAZY KIDS!!! Don't get the wrong picture; Orleans isn't THAT bad (honestly). Sure, we have beaches, beaches, and beaches. Did I mention beaches? Tourists LOVE beaches I repeat LOVE them (with a passion). Whenever a tourist passed by they would usually stop (recognizing you as a local) and ask for directions to the beach. Never fails to surprise me to this day (sarcastically). Usually locals just point towards where they know the beach is through a natural sense all Cape Coders have. When you are at the beach you can witness MANY things. Such as, sunsets, sun rises (less known); view fish and natural wildlife (stay away from the piping plovers though!) Other than the beaches of Cape Cod, we have a nice little town center (which keeps the kids occupied.) The kids of Cape Cod (in their right mind) call this place O-Town. O-Town is a "hip" abbreviation that is used possibly to take your mind off of the old people and how they are affiliated with the (dull) name: Orleans. Old people are cool, although there are those certain few that want to rain on everyone's parade. You can mow their lawns for a reasonable price and if you're lucky score a piece of candy while you're at it! In O-Town, kids like to hang out (period). Most of us kids are misunderstood to be out "looking for trouble" that is often in our terms called in many different forms: fun. Fun in O-Town consists of hanging out with your friends and going to different places such as Nicks Coin-A-Wash. Some kids misuse their "freedom" in O-Town and vandalize. Vandalizing is not for my friends and me. Although most people (usually old) consider us rascals although, we are "perfect angels." For many reasons, my experience in O-Town or Orleans for that matter, has been fun (and still is).
Orleans, a place for old people. O-Town (Orleans town center) a place for fun.
by mike2w December 08, 2005
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