when someone says something/ does something that insults you, like a diss.
1. “That’s what your sister said last night”
”Are you gonna take that violation Adam?!”
by daddy toogood December 21, 2019
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to disrespect,hurt,not care for or to o.d(over do something) on the person
oh here's goes my ex lets go violate his block


oh **** that's violation
by Prisciller June 27, 2008
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innitiation into a street gang, ussualy given to males, bitches usualy get fucked in or will do a mission, and bitch males will do a mission
i got dat 5 minute violation so now i killin folkks 4 life
by chicago March 11, 2005
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a game played by teens and young adults between two people. (male and female most commonly but also played by female and female and male and male) the first player must touch the other player somewhere and after every new place the first player touches the second player, they must ask, "Do you feel violated?" and if the second player says "no" the first player must keep touching except in a different place. if the second player says "yes" they do feel violated, the first player must stop and its the second players turn to touch. when they say "do u feel violated", they mean, when i touch u here am i violating where you want to be touched?
Mike: Me and Sarah played violation yesterday.
Dave: Damn your lucky! How far did she let you go?
Mike: Man, she let me finger her!
by bLonDeLILbAbyGirl June 11, 2005
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An unwanted intrusion by a person, object, sound or ideology into ones life that leaves one feeling without value or protection.
"The pornographic images piped into Peter's brain by evil Doctor X. left Peter feeling violated." - Civil rights violation, human rights violation, medical practise code of conduct violation.
by Spike May 3, 2003
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When someone steps over the line during an argument or discussion, does or say some disrespectful shit. NYC slang
bryan: that’s why your shoes cooked (discussion)
jay: that’s why yo mama dead, dead asf.

bryan: ....
jay: what does she have on her feet?
the crowd: NAAA YOU VIOLATED BRUH(laughing)
by danex.vr August 29, 2019
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(Slang) A term used to describe dissing someone, or verbally owning someone. Commonly used in New York.
Boy 1- Your momma!
Boy-2- Shut up before I deport ya son...



Innocent guy stands, dude comes in...

Dude: You so ugly you came out the haunted house with a job application!

Innocent guy: Stop violating son!
by McLovinWroteThis April 9, 2010
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