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activites rednecks partake in. ex: hunting, 4 wheeling, stealing random useless items and poning them off, eat fried chicken in there food stained wife beater, and driving a lawn mower b/c they aford a car.
Mary- what do you want to do today?

Bill Bob- do you want to go rednecking?

Mary- yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jimmy Bob Jones April 08, 2007
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When a redneck enters the woods to find a mate. Usually includes the redneck mating call (Yee Yee Yee!)
Kyle: I went rednecking last night.
Bob:Ohh really? Did you find a mate?
Kyle: Yeah, turns out she was my cousin!
by Redneckification December 20, 2013
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To smoke a cigarette with no filter or roach.
I've run out of filters and can't find any card, so I've been rednecking it.
by Gmodgoon June 14, 2018
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