sweet ass amazing beyond all belief
I think I see Blue...He looks glorious

watch "Old School"
by PocaHO September 04, 2003
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Adjective used to describe the vibe when the boss is out of the office, or leaves early at lunchtime, especially on a Friday.
Jenn: Hey Joseph, take your time coming back from lunch.

Joseph: Why?

Jenn: Herbert just left early.

Joseph: Its going to be a glorious afternoon in the office!
by Joe Homebrew May 06, 2011
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Definition of GLORIOUS


a: possessing or deserving glory : illustrious b: entitling one to glory <a glorious victory>


: marked by great beauty or splendor : magnificent <a glorious sunset>


: delightful, wonderful <had a glorious weekend>


— glo·ri·ous·nessnoun
by USMC Chuck T November 14, 2011
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A term revived by the one and only me to describe the epicness or greatness of an event.
That's some glorious shit right there!
by IAmYourGodx3 August 07, 2011
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In the days of 2004, there lived a unique stoner. A stoner who was extremely talented in the ways of comedy. He had an original comedic style that no one can ever come close to. This young stoner had a head full of crazy and hilarious things that he would say and a favorite of everyone was "glorious". He would say this in an inimitable voice along with certain matchless hand movements. Dank Master T would say "glorious" when speaking of something truly wonderful, like the sweet sweet gange.
DMS: How was gettin head while blown off your ass?

Dank Master T: GLORIOUS!
by Dank Master DMS February 13, 2005
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An event so heinously appealing it captivates all spectators despite the horrible and often graphic nature of it. This term is most commonly used in reference to butchering a date or 1st time sex.
Vinny: “We’re bringing Kristopher to the movies with us Friday to see Cloverfield
Brian: “The new kid with the alligator skin shoes, a lisp, and a 1970’s haircut?”
Vinny: “Yeah”
Brian: “Wow I can’t wait to watch this Glorious Disaster unfold”
by VINAPBC24 June 02, 2008
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