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"The glorious absence of sophistication"
-Jeff Foxworthy
you might be a redneck if the tires on your truck cost more than your truck
by lewis March 02, 2004

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X No drugs, X no alocohol, and X no casual seX
Im not straight edge to be different. Im straight edge because I know its right. Why do I want to get fucked up and forget all the shit that I did that night? No thanks, I want to enjoy my life by remembering it. Think for yourself.
by Lewis August 12, 2004

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he turned his whole house into a skate park.
what more can i say?
by lewis May 07, 2004

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funny as fuck song by terrence and phillip
shut your fucking face uncle fucker
your a boner biting bastard uncle fucker
your an uncle fucker yes its true
nobody fucks uncles quite like you
shut your fucking face uncle fucker
your the one who fucks your uncle uncle fucker
you dont eat or sleep or mow the lawn you just fuck your uncle all day long
*farting bit*
shut your fucking face uncle fucker
your a boner biting bastard uncle fucker
your an uncle fucker i must say
you fucked your uncle yesterday
uncle fucker
thats u-n-c-l-e fuck you uncle fuckerrrrrr!!!!!! suckmyballs

ok now im showing off lol
by lewis May 01, 2004

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santa on crack
you shall not pass!
by lewis June 14, 2004

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Scouse, or scouser.
Term for people originating in Liverpool (UK) or their accent/dialect. Used as a positive, neutral or derogaratory word depending on the speakers prejudices about said city.
It is part of a genre of slang terms which refer to people by stereotypes of their dietary habits. (Such as pom, limey or ros bif for the British.
The meal scouse was common in working class Liverpool in the past, and is a thick stew of lamb and vegetables, slow cooked in a pan to make cheap cuts of meat more palatable. For the very poor you could make do with 'blind scouse' which is a lamb stew with the lamb left out.
The older origin of the word is probably from the old Norse word 'skaus' again for a type of stew.
Did you hear about the scouse version of the film 'silence of the lambs?' It was called 'shut up ewes.'
by lewis January 09, 2005

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1) something that goes wicked freakin fast
2)something going like a bat out of hell

backround:have you ever seen a raped ape? i goes like a MOFO
"i slapped a chick on the ass, and she went like a raped ape"
by Lewis October 19, 2004

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