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best fucking film eva!!!!
sorry i was so slow last time, i had the handbrake on
by lewis July 19, 2004
A very strange word, used by chavs throught scotland and basicly is an insult to someone who wares baggy jeans and has a mullet.
-Oh yoo, wee GOFIC shweaty bam!
by lewis February 12, 2004
A commonly used word on Graal which expresses a feeling of love,hate, or wanting to kill Los Carteles.
Lewis: Rwar!
Los Carteles: EEEEEEEEEEK!
by lewis November 29, 2003
a 3/4th asian, 1/4th white person.
Trung Van Vo from Gainesville, Georgia is a quarter-pounder.
by lewis March 31, 2005
When someone says something beyond stupidity without any compromisable answer, due to the comment, they are greeted with a shocked/stunned face and a hand movement,whereby your hand is held close to your top lip, flat,palm down
Alice: I love the sky, its blueeeeee
everyone: AHEM :|

followed by much mocking and teasing
by lewis December 1, 2003
The hand positioning used when one commences operating ones penis. It involves creating a pitchfork position with your thumb and middle finger and traveling up-and-down rapidly round the shaft of the penis (see Masturbation lock)
Josh uses the tossmunch position thoroughly
by lewis March 17, 2003
High pitched singing for some reason popular amongst bands originating in Liverpool.
Bands like the Las and Cast illustrate the point.
by lewis January 9, 2005