Aa englis could be a verb or a noun .To be wachting hard,strearing at so one or some thing like a hawk.
by GREGORY COLEY May 11, 2005
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Lookin for male penis... On Gay plays... Man lil bruh huntin...
Them boys in the 561 be huntin my biy
by Maine1000 January 31, 2020
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When men have a contest on who can score with the most fat chicks in one night. Only with proof of their pannies.
"So man, you wanna go hog huntin tonight."
by danny and mason February 16, 2004
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To troll for "large" ladies for the purpose of sexual congress.
Man 1:"What is going on with you tonight, you want to go play some B-Ball?" Man 2: "Nah, I am going Reva huntin' at the bar tonight. I might catch me one".
by Big Red meister February 29, 2012
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Juggalo term for a killing a redneck.
Whos going chicken huntin'?
"We's going chicken huntin!"

"Went to kentucky, i got lucky,
Met this hogcallin' bitch named blocky.
Ridin' on a chicken, milkin' a sow.
Hittin' switches in a drop-top, low-ride tractor. wow.
Red neck fella, moon-shine sella,
Hangin' by his neck bone. chicken bone's locked in the cella',
Yella' bellied chicken plucka'. you red neck fucka!"

by Korena July 26, 2006
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the sport of standing around and either drinkin or chewin or both wile waitin on ur dogs to tree a damn coon..ect,that is limited to the brave few souls that do it
Birtchwood Tennessee Favorite
by Hall October 27, 2004
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The act or activity of purchasing a truck.
Of, for, or pertaining to examining and buying a truck.
A song by Nashville country artist Jared MacLane.
"When times are good and the money starts coming in I'm going truck huntin'."
I'm going truck huntin' for that new Ford F-150.
by Raptor150 June 6, 2020
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