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The only British person who actually sounds cool when he speaks.
You can't get much smoother than "The name's Bond. James Bond."
by bigtones September 26, 2004
A damn good school located in New York. Has campuses in the Bronx (Rose Hill), Manhattan (Lincoln Center), and Westchester County (Marymount). Mascot is the Ram, colors are maroon and white.
Contrary to some peoples beliefs, Rose Hill is actually the superior campus in terms of educational options, even though anyone from Lincoln Center will dispute this. Those from Lincoln Center should get off their high horse, because like everyone else your degree will not say your campus, but it will say your school, Fordham University. So get off it, because we are all Fordham, and a Rose Hill degree is the same as a Lincoln Center one.
by bigtones August 23, 2007
Feminine pads produced by the Rocafella family. First advertised on Chappelle's Show.
"If your bum is leakin, you need to be seekin -- Rocapads. It's the Roc!!!"
by bigtones August 9, 2006
To stick one's thumbs up another person's butthole.
If I were you, I'd give this definition two thumbs up.
by bigtones January 21, 2005
When a person (most likely a disgruntled student) takes a gun to school with the intention of killing multiple people in said school.
Victor was gonna bust a columbine, but he got caught.
by bigtones July 23, 2004
Simply a person who does not fit into any social hierachy, be it school, work, sports, etc.
"He's not as cool or as good looking as us. And he thinks he's making a point by treating us like we are invisible. What an outcast."
--Sample outward impression.
by bigtones June 5, 2006