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And people don't understand why we're the most hated nation in the world.
by bigtones March 26, 2005
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The anti-hero is the hero who does the right thing, albeit with tactics that aren't always what you would call ethical. They are more interested with getting the job done than doing it as virtuously as possible, therefore showing how morally ambiguous they are. The anti-hero has become more popular with society today because people can identify better with the good-guy who sometimes does the not-so-good things; the hero who does no wrong is outdated and is becoming increasingly irrelevant in this day and age. They are the product of a society in which the line between good and bad is becoming harder to tell.
A few examples of the anti-hero include: James Bond, Wolverine, Han Solo, Clint Eastwood's 'The Man With No Name', Batman, Indiana Jones, Rambo, and Malcolm X, to name a few.
by bigtones June 25, 2007
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Sucks! We do one chapter a day! The work is just too much, and too intense.
I'd be lucky for a 3 on the AP exam.
by bigtones December 16, 2004
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The person too scared to reveal their racist feelings in person (for fear of ridicule or getting beat the fuck up), so they revert to blogs and/or forum posts on the internet to show their prejudice for people of other races/creeds/religions etc.
-Video of a white kid faceplanting on a skateboard:
E-racist post: lol, that kid got pwwwned...

-Video of a black kid faceplanting on a skateboard:
E-racist post: LMAO, sparkling wiggle got destroyed!!! Whats the matter, too much fried chicken and watermelon? Lol pour some grape soda over it, you'll feel fine. Maybe you should go back to basketball, coon!
by bigtones August 04, 2007
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The crappiest rap group ever.
"Yeah we knuckin and buckin and ready to fight
I betcha Im'a throw dem thangs
So haters best to think twice
See me I ain't nothin nice
And crime mob it ain't no stoppin'
They be like Sadaam Husein, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden
Like they steady gum poppin
And I am actin a fool
I wish a hater would get crunk up on this crime mob crew
Now enough is enough boy
Rough and get stuffed boy
Luck is a must boy
Knuck if you buck boy"

-Need I say more?
by bigtones April 05, 2005
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