expression used by the great Steve-O when something good has happened or has been acheived.
"yeeeeeeeeaaaah duuuuude!!"
by steph September 12, 2003
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Newly defined term amongst scenesters for jocks and preps, derived from their constant use of "YEAH DUDE!"
Scenester: Some yeah dude just called me a fag cause I'm wearing tight girl pants.
by Jesse March 15, 2005
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Young lowbrow guys with heavy New England accents who drink and smoke too much. Akin to meathead or frat-boy, but more localized. Often used in college towns in reference to locals or frat guys.
I love when my yeah dude takes me for a ride down the Revere Beach parkway in his bitchin' camaro
by AMP1981 April 18, 2007
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Part of Steve-O's self-portrait tattoo on his back. The tattoo shows Steve-o in the classic "two-thumbs up" pose, with "Yeah Dude, I Rock! Steve-o" underneath it.
The face of Steve-o on his tattoo is actually bigger than his actual face.
by EJL December 9, 2003
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(A)Yeah Dude(s)are very Much like a bro,they walk around with their popped collars and say "yeah dude" to a response to almost anything. Quite possibly the biggest assholes around.
John walked down the hall and tom asked "Hey you gettin' crunked this friday dude?!" John replied "yeah dude!".
by Mike Wiseman June 5, 2007
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Quite meaningless, it is used when a person succeeds or is otherwise very happy about something.
This expression was no doubt made popular by Steve-O, one of the members of the "Jackass" television series, and most people using this expression will be fans.
When high or drunk, some people will hold entire conversations using only those two words.
"Yeah Dude."
"Yeeeeaah Duuude"
"Yeah Dude!"
by KrysCobra October 11, 2003
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Used by me, my sis and a group of boys in north london.. caught on in a small group. If some body is wearing summink stupid and asks you to agree you'd be like "yeah dude" sarcasticly. Get me?
Tramp fassy: "like these heavy trackies?"
Me "yeah dude/yeah mate" (in sarcastic tone)

Neek: "Blazin squad are hectic blood"
Me: "Yeah dude"
by MC 5t4RZ March 17, 2005
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