Taking third wheeling to a whole new level, by having two random people tagging along with a couple.
Hey Ben, do you want to 4 wheel drive with Bobby and Sally?
by wumboing April 29, 2015
You pick a drunk bitch up from the club and take her back to your place. And you find out she's on her peirod and you take the dirt road meaning you need 4wheeldrive
"Last night i found out your sisters river was flowing, so i kicked it into 4 wheel drive and rode the dirt road
by Camel jockey 234555 March 11, 2011
1. 4-wheel drive is the solution to every problem. Your truck is stuck? Throw it in 4-wheel drive. Bad grade on a test? Throw it in 4-wheel drive. Parents getting a divorce? Throw it in 4-wheel drive.

2. Go all in and get it done.
by dmoneyballa March 23, 2018