Any senior citizen over the age of 65. Usually found on bus stops, gym locker rooms, and retirement homes.
" These fucking raisins are stinking up the bus".
by AtmoSlug August 22, 2013
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a slightly wrinkled person, grandparent, and a person who has an air of common sense and niceness to them.
Little Jimmy said, "WOW susie, your grandmother is awesome!"
Susie, "I know she's my favorite raisin."
by mushyroom765 December 24, 2009
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one who is aged, an old dude
Dawn: Happy 100th birthday!! hehe
You are such a raisin! Such a dinosaur!
by Slumdog January 17, 2009
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A weathered old black person. Can be further specified as a California Raisin.
Floyd Mayweather Sr. bears a striking resemblence to a California Raisin (the fictional rhythm and blues group formed in 1987)
by journeyman69 September 4, 2007
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A replacement for 'Racist'. A way to call out a racist without offending them.
Janette is being raisin to a Navajo boy on the soccer team for having long hair .
by suckbuttsonce December 20, 2016
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