Person 1: Hamzili look, 65!
Hamzili: YKTU
by Hamzili May 16, 2020
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The act of performing 69 while simultaneously inserting your index finger in your own anus. Acceptable to perform by either or both parties.
The 65 can prove difficult for the sexually naive, particularly if one is on the bottom.
by Webster's Nightmare January 28, 2011
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65 is a number representing the middle ground also known as the grey area. It is a well sought-after number for its adaptability and ability to shapeshift to current elements of life and location. This adaptability causes the 65 to attempt to live in their bubble of peace and tranquility, with the goal of being in a state of Zen…
Them: Jaden, how did you progress throughout life?
Jaden: Easy, I’m a walking 65! Who wouldn’t like me?
by RepeatingOne May 6, 2022
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Sucking a disabled guy's dick while doing a handstand.
A 65 is a 69 with a guy in a wheel chair.
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