To give someone a hug. continually During a short period of time.
Girl: my boyfriend is so clingy, he keeps on mayweathering me.
by Roberich May 3, 2015
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A style in boxing using running, being a coward and involving man hugging at the same time. In order to win.
Isn't it illegal to use Mayweather?
by lazypast33 May 4, 2015
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As in: "Dude that B!tch totally Mayweather'd him!! what a pu$$y!"
by Angel Glace September 19, 2011
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To hit your wife with some top notch boxing shit.
Typically results in a 50-0 boxing record.
I don't hang out with Jaquarious anymore cuz he Mayweathered his wife.
by realasswordsmith August 29, 2017
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Member of opposite sex (usually female) who will get in bed with you but won't have sex.

Floyd Mayweather is know for have excellent defense & being impossible punch. He agrees to fight you but then he gets in the ring only to run & duck all night.
She's a Mayweather, I rented a hotel room & she wouldn't let me hit, she only wanted to cuddle.
by Leonard Bey May 11, 2015
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cheap shot, sucker punch, having no class, dirty, an unnecessarily aggressive and unfair attack directed at a defenseless person
dang homie, you just got "mayweathered"
by lile broadway September 18, 2011
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chickening out, being a pussy, making up excuses to avoid having to do shit that will prove one's worthlessness
me: The Floyd vs. Manny fight is off!
you: WTF!
me: Perfect example of Floyd's mayweathering!
by chupack January 8, 2010
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