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Janette is a girl who looks like she is quiet. But is loud, energetic, funny and sassy. She is really pretty but her beauty is hidden. She is smart but is underestimated. She is good at working independently, but prefers working in groups. She seems super happy. But is suffering from a little bit of depression. Some people might judge her at first, but once they get to know her they start to like her.
boy: look at janette, shes soo cute
girl: ya, shes littt
by Mayastoocool4u September 30, 2018
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Janette \JAH-nette\, n. orig. Heaven
Janette is the name bestowed upon the most amazing, delectable and awesome female human beings. It is a word that can also be used to describe awe of the female kind.
1. Janette rocks my socks.

2. Whoa, look at that girl. She's totally like a Janette.

3. The Janette is overwhelming me!
by QueenJ April 19, 2006
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You can talk to her for anything, bad bitch in the world, she is very good in bed, she is very beautiful, and very lit
Janette is away Beautiful

She is the bad bitch in world
by Justin1020 March 14, 2017
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