Janette is a girl who looks like she is quiet. But is loud, energetic, funny and sassy. She is really pretty but her beauty is hidden. She is smart but is underestimated. She is good at working independently, but prefers working in groups. She seems super happy. But is suffering from a little bit of depression. Some people might judge her at first, but once they get to know her they start to like her.
boy: look at janette, shes soo cute
girl: ya, shes littt
by Mayastoocool4u September 30, 2018
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Janette is a sweet, kind, loving, caring person. She is the type of girl who won't let you down no matter what! She really loves animals and likes soccer. She also likes to draw, you might be impressed with her drawings! :D

If you ever meet a "Janette" or are friends with a person named Janette, don't let her go, be shes the best one ever!
Me: Hey Janette, I need help.... Could you help me out??

Janette: Okay! What do you need help with??


Me: Thanks Janette!! You're da best! I can always count on you!

Janette: No problem. And aww thxs
by Smalls647 August 11, 2021
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Janette \JAH-nette\, n. orig. Heaven
Janette is the name bestowed upon the most amazing, delectable and awesome female human beings. It is a word that can also be used to describe awe of the female kind.
1. Janette rocks my socks.

2. Whoa, look at that girl. She's totally like a Janette.

3. The Janette is overwhelming me!
by QueenJ April 19, 2006
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You can talk to her for anything, bad bitch in the world, she is very good in bed, she is very beautiful, and very lit
Janette is away Beautiful

She is the bad bitch in world
by Justin1020 March 14, 2017
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Janette, as some call her Jane is a sweet, caring, stunning, amazing girl. She has her inner problems, doesnt share them much and likes to be alone sometimes, and has a bit of anxitey and depression, but she has a couple of right people she trust to help her. Blue eyes, wahsed out blonde hair, hot body is what describes her. She loves netflix and watched a lot of shows on her own. Is a great crazy sweet bitch who you love when you get to meet but is very shy at first.
Boy1;Dude Janette ooked so good today!

Boy2; I know!!!
Boy1: Back off tho she is mine.
by spilling.tea.101 February 2, 2019
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A great friend and a really funny person, if you ever get to ber friend, never ever let her go cause you'll probably regret it. A great person yo talk to about emotions. And will always deny her great personality and beauty.
Janette is the best friend ever.
by PhenomenalPhoenx February 15, 2017
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The very rare "best kind of girl there is". The most elite of which typically having 2 defining features;

1) Mind blowing huge boobs

2) An unquenchable hunger for sucking dick with an Olympic level of skill and passion.
Guy1: How did things go with that smoke show you met at the sex addiction support group? She had 'janette' written all over her face, am I right?
Guy2: It wasnt until we got to mine that I realised I was in the presence of my first real 'Janette', Ive never seen tits like that or had anyone suck my cock like their very life depended on it. Changed my life, I need to marry that Janette asap.
by OsamaVinDiesel January 17, 2020
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