Refers to the oft-experienced "before and after" progression with a new sex-partner --- you initially share some nice "bouncy rhythm" with said hot hunk/chick, but then the relationship quickly falls apart afterwards when you both see how different in personality or otherwise incompatible you actually are, and so you're subsequently left alone and "feeling the blues".
Selfish and insensitive-minded Bill Clinton was accustomed to going through women like water through a faucet, and so he generally didn't have much in the way of "rhythm and blues" issues... once he'd had his "bouncy tempo" fun with one lady, he would generally just turn his back on her and then go charm another naive cutie into his bed, leaving a disgraceful trail of broken hearts (and innumerable unacknowledged half-siblings of Chelsea's, thanks to his usually "riding the lady bareback" --- i.e., without using condoms) in his wake.
by QuacksO December 20, 2019
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This used to be a profoundly inspiring genre of popular music. The name has now been hijacked by a large bunch of talentless twats. The males spit drivel into oversized microphones whilst screetchy female imps gyrate with all the erotic appeal of diet salad.
The announcer said the next feature would be on contemporary rhythm & blues, so I hit the remote.
by Spleenvent September 28, 2006
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