1. Dine
2. a Native American tribe located in the southwest of the Unites States, the biggest tribe in the US.
That girl is full-blooded Navajo.
by jo March 11, 2004
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The Navajos-Naabeehó-Diné are Native Americans of the Southwestern United States.
Here are some examples on what the word 'Navajo' means:

- is of Spanish Origin meaning "Raiders" "Thieves" "Knife Warriors"
- means "One Who Raids" from "Apachu de Nabajo"
- refers to our Language, Culture & Family.
- an unknown Spanish word will no meaning.
- refers to "Diné" or "The People".
- represents integrity, being honesty & hard-working.
- the meaning of the word can be changed to something better.
- is from the word "Naabaahíí" meaning "Warrior"
- means "knife" in Spanish.
- is a bad word to use because it meant "stabbing".
- is a Spanish word meaning "Slave"
The South American people from Buenos Aires, Argentina believe in their own opinion the word 'Navajo' signifies what they already know about the Navajo people & culture. On the other hand when it comes to its similarity in Spanish, how it's related to the word "Navajo" & Navaja (knife)."

The word "Navajo" makes them think of the people as "First Nations" when again sounds like "navaja/cuchillo" which is knife but they don't think it comes from there because there are lots of words that sound similar but aren't the same thing like station or stationary. So for them, (Navajo) really couldn't be the word (knife). They don't think there's a chance that Navajo Y Navaja aren't related. It sounds like an attempt to establish a connection or source.
N8V 1: I'm proud to be "Navajo"
N8V 2: I'm proud to be "Diné"
N8V 3: I'm proud to be "Southern Athabaskan Dené"
by topher_neka86 October 31, 2019
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Navajo is a very hot playboy. He often messes around with girls feelings. Did I mention his dick is huge.
Girl 1: Navajo wants to hang out (winks)
Girl 2: I heard he's great in bed (smiles)
by lowkey.u July 8, 2016
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When having sex with a girl from behind, the act of grabbing a handful of hair and pulling back in a scalping motion, whilst flapping your other hand over her mouth, causing a native american-like sound effect, hence the moniker, "the navajo"
I was givin my girlfriend the navajo the other night, after we smoked the peace pipe
by george karl October 12, 2006
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-Castilleja, commonly known as Indian paintbrush, prairie-fire, or Navajo paintbrush is a flower named for the clusters of spiky blooms that resemble paintbrushes dipped in bright red or orange-yellow paint.
-Example: Timmy asked, "Wow, look at that beautiful, vibrant, desert flower." "I wonder what it is called?" Timmy's very knowledgeable mother replies, "a Navajo paintbrush, son." She adds, "Eaglefeather Two-suns, is an idiot."
by The Really Right Definition February 15, 2017
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A Native American, usually a Navajo, that has a "typical" flat ass, often called a shovel butt. The buttock is so flat, that it is usually mistaken as part of the back. It is as of there is no ass present, just goes from back to legs.
Those girls on the Women of Navajo calendar are so fine, but they all have that Navajo Ass.
by Wild Dawg October 7, 2009
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Referring to the act of defecating in a females hair and rubbing it into the follicles.
Her hair stunk for a week after I navajo shampooed her last friday
by NavajoChampion September 15, 2011
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