RAG, in AZA terms means Regional Aleph Godol. This is the president of a BBYO region. He runs the Regional Board and is in charge of overseeing the well being of the region.
Aleph A: Who is the Regional President in your Region?

Aleph B: I am in the Great Midwest Region so my RAG is Aleph Evan Joseph Epstein
by The Great Aleph February 27, 2005
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1. A piece of cloth that you use to clean stuff.
2. A slang term for a womans period.
3. A slang term for women in general.

(warning women find being called rag offensive)
Example 1.
Me: I need to borrow that rag to wipe down the table.
Other guy: okay bro.

Example 2
Me: Was she on her rag today or something?
Other guy: I don't know, she's being a bitch today though.

Example 3:

Me: Dayyumm look at that rag over there. She's sexy!
Other guy: Daaaaaayyyummmm! She's fine!
by Demonic bro December 08, 2013
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slang for the scrotum or balls
Suck my rag.

You are a rag sucker.

Ragsuckers incorporated.

I'm just pullin' your rag.
by Sean Manning May 10, 2005
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Random Ass Girl/Guy.

1.A random unknown person your friend brings home.

2. A random unknown person your friend brings to an event.

3. A random unknown unexpected person your friend brings to hang out.
My roommate is driving me crazy because he's always bringing home RAGs!

Why did he bring that RAG to my birthday?

I hate when she brings a RAG out with us. It was supposed to be girls night.
by Illusion36 September 03, 2013
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How Asians, particularly Japanese, pronounce the word "lag."
*Counter-strike freezes*

Random Asian guy: "Fucking rag!!!"
by Anono Guy October 08, 2008
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1. To sex someone

2. To make fun/give someone a hard time about something

3. Girls are 'on this' during menstration
1. 'Hey Bro I totally ragged that girl last night'

2. 'Yeah he ended up having sex with the 60 year old'

'gross man, I take it you've ragged him hard about it'

3. 'Dude what's up with her today?'

'dunno, probably on the rag'
by donkeystuff11 February 12, 2009
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In poker, cards that have little chance of winning.
Rags on the flop, so I went all-in on my pocket nines.
by Coell May 12, 2005
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