to be insulting or making fun of someone or something, can be use as an adj ragging,in pass-tense ragged,or adverb ragger
"Why y'all always gotta be ragging on me"
by Mickey Heller May 16, 2006
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1. A piece of cloth that you use to clean stuff.
2. A slang term for a womans period.
3. A slang term for women in general.

(warning women find being called rag offensive)
Example 1.
Me: I need to borrow that rag to wipe down the table.
Other guy: okay bro.

Example 2
Me: Was she on her rag today or something?
Other guy: I don't know, she's being a bitch today though.

Example 3:

Me: Dayyumm look at that rag over there. She's sexy!
Other guy: Daaaaaayyyummmm! She's fine!
by Demonic bro December 8, 2013
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slang for the scrotum or balls
Suck my rag.

You are a rag sucker.

Ragsuckers incorporated.

I'm just pullin' your rag.
by Sean Manning May 11, 2005
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to shag someone violently so they are trown around like a rag doll.
MAAAATE i'd rag her! :P
by ad-cale January 29, 2009
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To rag somebody is to engage in sexual intercourse with them. Often used when there is great desire to sleep with the person or when the act is particularly energetic
I would rag Paloma Faith so hard that unmentionable things would occur if I ever saw her
by Ben Seymour June 10, 2011
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Shortened term for "Ragnaros," final boss in a dungeon called "Molten Core" in the mmorpg World of Warcraft.

"Dude! My guild just downed Rag for the first time!"

"Okay guys, we're going to kill Rag next.
by 5ummerbreeze August 30, 2006
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