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a local Singaporean term meaning either to
talk nonsense or engage in idle banter.
-The Coxford Singlish Dictionary
eh, Ah Beng, don't talk cock can or not?
by Chrome May 22, 2006
The act of playing with another persons mind, this usually also includes an aspect of testing the subject's reactions.
"Jill asked me to drink her blood on halloween!"
"Don't worry, she was just mind-poking you!"
by Chrome November 17, 2012
slang refering to a do rag. most commonly used by crips and bloods
red rag in my back pocket gangbangin
by Chrome February 21, 2006
slang for a .32 Caliber pistol
usually a small pistol or a larger one with a large magazine
I got a tre deuce on my hip cmon test me
by Chrome February 22, 2006
to be kicked out of a place for having a terrible stench
Last night me and kizzle were at da club man and the bouncer threw this guy out because he was wearing a saucony that smelt like shit
by Chrome September 15, 2003
1 a fifth of a gallon of liquor aka 26 ounces or two-six and 750mL
2 a gun more specifically refering to a .45
Im off a fifth of that hennessy
Im strapped with my fifth
I got my four fifth
by Chrome February 23, 2006
Slang for and old car from the sixties usually refering to an impala such as a 64
Im rollin in my six ridin low
by Chrome February 21, 2006