A cloth, often made of nylon and resembling a panty hose, worn over the hair of one's head.
Homey, dat do rag be flossin'!
by StormDawg January 20, 2003
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1. a cloth worn on the heads of african americans to make waves in head. mostly worn on males. some dyke girls that are black also wear them to obtain waves.
2. some people wear then to look like a thug.
1. a bro, look at them waves in dat niggas hair. i bet that do rag did him a good job.
2. ay nigga bro, yo do rag is feddy bro. yo look hella hood.
by suila reed February 4, 2008
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A piece of polyester frequently resembling a condom placed over the head which is seen as often as a symbol of being unproductive in today's society. Frequently, it is worn under a baseball cap which is worn backwards to emphasize ugliness and stupidity at its best.
He will never be able to work with a do rag on his head, only collect social security and food stamps.
by canarsiesouth October 31, 2007
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A thin piece of cloth that looks like pantyhose tied around one's head. Little whit eboys have begun to wear them, and I ca't help but wonder if they get beaten up severly due to this. I hope so.
Do Rag? More like a Don't Rag.
by lemon, bitch. March 4, 2006
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the do rag is not for rappers is for keeping the afro cover, anyone can wear it. a piece of cloth of many colors, that u put over your head and hopefully matches your outfit.
do rag r worn by wiggers too.
by lol October 23, 2003
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First of all, I would like to say that I created this word and it is really spelled dew-rag. The purpose of this rag is obviously to protect one's head hairs from becoming dewed upon while sleeping outside through the wee morning hours.
Yo. Yo haya be lookin' dry this dewy mornin... Ida never thought you slept outside!
by No Diggity Dolores September 9, 2004
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A piece of cloth worn over the head.

This fashion trend originated many years ago in the poorer black neighborhoods, where people of African-American descent, most of which had curly hair, used many products to straighten their hair, in order to stand out less, since most Caucasian people had straight hair. The do-rag was used to keep the hair in place while the products took effect, allowing the wearer to straighten their hair while continuing to go about their daily activities.

One of many current fashion trends derived from practices of lower-class members of society used several decades ago.
guy 1: Want some new do-rags?
guy 2: No, my hair is straight enough as it is.
by Adam499 May 6, 2008
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