having someone of importance at your disposal to help further your own agenda. usually involves kickbacks of some sort.
it's a well known fact that many corporations have politicians in their back pocket, thats why it seems like they're the ones really running things.
by hipster September 6, 2004
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to keep a crush/potential crush in mind for later on when you need a date.
if things don't work out with bob, well, I've always got bill in my back pocket.

also: man, I've had bill back pocketed for years! I cant beleive we finally went out!

or: you can't trust margo, she's always got at least four dudes back pocketed.
by shilojean May 12, 2006
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Referring to a member of the resume of individuals you have engaged in sexual relations with, therefore making them, essentially, sloppy seconds to anyone else. Often not mentioned until an acquaintance is already involved in a relationship with the said person.
I have no issue with Matt asking her out. Bottom line is I’ve got back pocket. It will absolutely disgust and drive him nuts whenever it comes up.
by CharlieHustle October 19, 2010
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A person who is rarely invited but follows a group or person around all the time.
"Trust me I didn't invite her, she just follows me around like a back pocket".
by Ryan Mclionson November 11, 2010
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The bump in the back pants pocket that results from a man having a lot of cash money in his wallet.
Ladies, when it comes to the back pocket bulge, size DOES matter.

You know what they say about big shoes...
He's got a big back pocket bulge
by notoriousLOG September 17, 2012
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Euphemism used in reference to someone who is really, really, fat. Comes from the fact that fat people like cheeseburgers/hamburgers and might/would like to have one in their back pocket for eating at any time.
She used to be cute in highschool, but I heard she has a hamburger in her back pocket now.

The man with a hamburger in his back pocket ordered the buffet.

If you keep eating those chips, you're gonna end up with a hamburger in your back pocket!

A hamburger in the back pocket is the number one killer of Americans
by dontbesilly72 December 25, 2009
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A girl that you keep around for company when your bored or loney and in-between girlfriends. Also called a surrogate girlfriend.
John: Hey who was that you were on a date with last night? I thought you and Marie were together?

Michael: Nah man...she's just my back pocket girl till I find someone I wanna settle down with.
by hollypete September 7, 2009
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