to get mess up, wasted, hurt, etc.
That boy got tattered off his ass. That car hit my boy, he's all tattered.
by jasonmiro March 15, 2006
having many tattoos
That girl is too tattered up for me.
by J Bender February 7, 2011
boobies, knockers, hooters, tah tahs, tits
Guh-Damn look eh dem tatters. Im gettin uh boner. Sheeeit
by J-Dogg November 5, 2003
tatter is a slang term meaning breasts.
oh my what lovely tatters you have
by nate marler April 26, 2009
The act of a Man Aggressively having sex in a speedy fashion.
by Shane Ivory January 3, 2010
a small, incredibly cute, blonde mormon.
"oh man, that little blonde girl is so cute!"
"yeah, she's more than a dimer, she's a tatter"
by Erik Wurgler February 25, 2008
A sometimes lesbian, golden girls watching chick who LoVeS hAmBuRgErRrRzZz!!1!! Also loves Fall Out Boy and banging.
That Tatters is glorious.
by FailureByDesign May 5, 2005