One of the best teams in the world although Liverpool FC and Man United think they’re bad
Daniel: Hey What Football team do you support

Matilda : Liverpool FC

Ethan: I Support Man City too

Eva: Man United For Me

Daniel and Ethan: Liverpool FC and Man United are Shitty

Matilda: Well City are Shitter but Liverpool are better than Man U

Daniel, Ethan and Eva: You’re a Gay Prick when it comes to Footy
by Imposter 181 January 26, 2022
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The team that's better than Man United. The one and true team of Manchester. Also one of the richest football clubs in England! :D
by ManCity255 January 23, 2020
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Manchester City Football Club, now the richest football club in the world. Owned by billionaires who think that they are playing Football Manager rather than actually running a football team. They are paying ridiculous amounts of money for mediocre players, and generally ruining football. But they didn't sign Kaka, because Kaka actually has some sense. Hopefully they will fail miserably along with the rest of the overpaid arseholes in the Premiership.
News reporter: "And in football news, Man City have made an £18 million bid for Titus Bramble"

Real football fan: *slaps head*
by Lubo25 January 24, 2009
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A club that died in 2008
Girl: Is Man City gonna win the Champions League
Guy: Man City? Didn't they sell their soul in 08?
by AaronCh August 4, 2018
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The best football team in the world. They are the true champions of football
by bossgamer July 1, 2018
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A BIG club on the BIG stage, they have MASSIVE potential. They are a HUGE GIGANTIC ENORMOUS club. Most of their supporters come from the town of stockport though.
My name is bertie magoo
I am a bitter blue,
My club is very big,
My willy is very small,
and that is all.
by Bigethovdaceth February 7, 2005
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A rather sad, under-achieving football club in Manchester UK. Not to be confused with it's highly successful and glamorous local rival, Manchester United.

Fans are called Bitters due to bilious sentiment towards almost everything. Seeming obsession with city boundaries in order to desperately (and wrongly) designate their more successful etc., rival, not from Manchester.

Things not to mention. How long is has been since City won the English title (this is 32 years in 2007)

Club is owned by Thai businessman and ex-politician with questionable human rights record (see Amnesty International), Dr Thaksin Shinawatra. Managed (coached) by a peripatetic and priapismic Swede, Sven Goran Erikkson. A marriage made in heaven, no ?.
"I see Man City lost again"

"Oh yes, it's Saturday, isn't it"
by badgoon February 8, 2008
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