Rags are the Man United Scum who visit the theatre of scaffolding every other Saturday. Not usually from the Manchester area.
"Sit down you scabby Man United scum rags"
"Your Mum's ya Dad, ya Dad's ya Mum you're interbred you United scum rags"
by Sir Alex August 14, 2007
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β€œYo John did you rag that bitch”
β€œYea but her dog was watching”
by Zak, Hampshire October 24, 2018
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Reach around grab
to put your arm around a girl and reach in order to grab her breast
I think I'm gonna use the R.A.G on that girl tonight.
by joe cool April 04, 2003
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to be insulting or making fun of someone or something, can be use as an adj ragging,in pass-tense ragged,or adverb ragger
"Why y'all always gotta be ragging on me"
by Mickey Heller May 16, 2006
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The overwhelming feeling of Regret, Anxiety, Guilt and Shame often accompanying a severe hangover.
John had too much to drink at the party yesterday and today he's got the RAGS
by MacBone March 05, 2009
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