Shortened term for "Ragnaros," final boss in a dungeon called "Molten Core" in the mmorpg World of Warcraft.

"Dude! My guild just downed Rag for the first time!"

"Okay guys, we're going to kill Rag next.
by 5ummerbreeze August 30, 2006
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Regional Aleph Godol...a.k.a. big president dude for a region.
Moses is the RAG of our region, he does a lot of work, we all know him.
by not a rag January 19, 2004
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To rag somebody is to engage in sexual intercourse with them. Often used when there is great desire to sleep with the person or when the act is particularly energetic
I would rag Paloma Faith so hard that unmentionable things would occur if I ever saw her
by Ben Seymour June 10, 2011
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To have sex with.

Derives from the British term 'to Shag', which became popular within the USA due to the film 'Austin Powers'. Rag is used only in the conditional and past tense, or used as an expletive.

For the conditional, Rag would be used to infer that you would have the pleasure of being intimate with the object/person. It most frequently appears in the clichΓ©, 'I'd rag her/him anyday!'

While on the other hand, in the Past tense, it is only used in a joking fashion. Using 'ragged' to tell the truth would only make people unable to take you seriously.

As an expletive, it is used as 'Raggy', which one shouts aloud to the unsupspecting public, to see if anyone noticing. Unofficially, it means 'I want to have sex with your right here right now.'

Anthony: I would so rag Mrs. Coe!

Past Tense:

Ross: What were you doing around around Connor's house yesterday, Richard?
Richard: Ragging his bedsheet! What do you think?


Anthony: RAGGY!
Ross: Mate, you just shouted that out the window to small French Children.
by Fabien Dumort July 05, 2007
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when you, or your chick get all moody and shit beacuse she's on her period ;

she's basically bi-polar, & when he doesn't tell you why, you get angry.. then when she does, your dumbass says some dumb shit to make it worse
ahh fuck! my chicks' on her rag

why you being such a bitch? get off your rag

are yu on your rag, 'cause you been acting all bi'polar and shit
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009
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monthly ticket to stress and PAiN
aye, you seem a lil PMS'd - tony
yeh body seemd to buy the monthly ticket early this time stupid rags - agro
by .: cessaki :. March 07, 2007
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