The ghetto of British Columbia. Lots of Vietnamese and Indo-Canadian gangs, although the Vietnamese and asians are usually affiliated with Triads, etc, while the Indo-Canadians have groups of friends. Mess with the Indo-Canadian gangs and you might get jumped, but mess with the Vietnamese/Nammer Gangs and you'll be murdered or kidnapped and tortured, plus they'll get away.
guy 1: I'm going to surrey today.

guy 2: yo you better watch out, you might get jumped by the gangs there.
by brownpride22 October 6, 2011
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(1) One of the home counties of England.

(2) A town in British Columbia, Canada.
Person One: "Hey, where you from?"
Person Two: "Surrey, BC"
Person One: "Cool."
by woopwoopwoop? July 23, 2009
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Surrey the home of escalades , pimped out 300's , Range Rovers , Corvettes , Benzos, Big rims, killer weed, Big houses, Where everyone is paid. Where a BJ from girls is a call away!!
Man 1- Where you from?
Man 2- Surrey dawg!

Man 1 - Damn ain't that the home of escalades, benzo's, killer chronz, big rims, and where the hinduz are fully paid

Man 2- You know it!
by Tony Snow November 14, 2009
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Surrey is currently the second largest city in BC and one of the fastest growing in all of Canada. Within the next decade, Surrey is expected to take Vancouver's place as the largest city in the province. It's no surprise then, that with Surrey's diverse array of cultures, our city has a truly international flavour. Surrey is known as the City of Parks, with over 6,000 acres of parks and green spaces beautifully sprinkled throughout a growing metropolis.
Surrey the best place to live in Briitsh Columbia
by Gordon Malcolm Brown April 22, 2012
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A city in British Columbia, Canada. What's thought to be the place of Escalades, Indian Gangsters who listen to their music, and wear Nike or Puma shoes. Them throwing parties, and getting hot girls. However, that's not Surrey. That's a separate definition for a indian gangster. Surrey actually means a cool place to hang out, and go to the malls, and visit some of our landmarks. It has cheap housing, and there's a lot to do there. So grab your friends and go to Surrey. Just don't go right to the heart of Surrey though. The most dangerous place in Surrey is there.
Person 1: Where do you live?
Person 2: Surrey,BC
Person 1: You mean where there's gangsters, and people smoking crack, and committing murders, and...
Person 2: No! That's a different term. Surrey's the cool place to hang out with your friends!
Person 1: Oh, Sorry! I guess i don't need to bring my pimped out toys then.
by BobsBurgers October 18, 2011
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