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A word Norwegians are not very proud of having given to the world: it derives from Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), a Norwegian politician who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. He established his name as a synonym for "traitor", someone who collaborates with the invaders of his country, especially by serving in a puppet government.
It is, arguably, the worst and most grave insult a Norwegian can throw at another.
That guy, he is such a quisling!
by Daniel N. Nilssen March 28, 2004
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During a Zombie-pocalypse a quisling is any person who has become so physiologically disturbed that he/she subconsciously convinces him or herself that they are one of the walking dead. A quisling will imitate a zombie perfectly and will attempt to feed on a normal human should it encounter one. A quisling's bite is NOT infectious. Because a quisling is not truly one of the undead, a quisling can be killed like a normal human, not just with a head shot.
"Shit dude! It bit me!"

"Don't worry about it bro, it was only a quisling. You'll be fine."
by dark doppelganger February 20, 2010
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traitor,snitch,someone who gathers information for the admin.
kim (lastnamehere) is such a quisling that she'll get caught on the internet and blame it on other people...
kim is a double helix therefore she is a quisling she has her zuspenderz holding her pants up therefore making here an in the closet tansvestite.
by The almighty Pimtator January 07, 2009
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