Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter.
You're such a GD attention whore!
by Jonny_B May 9, 2003
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A person who, regardless of whether or not they are attached, will seek out the attention of other males/females to make themself feel important. Usually found on internet forums and voice programs using whatever charms, bodily parts, etc. they may have to make themself appear more attractive to the opposite sex, even though it couldn't be farther from the truth. Some attention whores become agitated and intimidated when another member of the same sex garners more attention than themself and they become hostile and lash out. Will do almost anything to get the attention they seek including posing naked or half naked for pictures and posting them everywhere for all to see...and become increasingly sick to.
Flashgirl is such an attention whore. With what can only be described as delirious self misperception of her "beauty" and likeability, she is like an annoying little monkey hanging from everyone's nuts at once.
by B@by C@kes July 6, 2005
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A person who is constantly looking for attention that he/she can never get in real life. It's also possible that this person has a really crappy life and proceeds to hide it and pretend that he/she's above the people he makes fun of. It is the sole reason why this person constantly screams about his opinion on the internet, looking up videos a bout things he hate and then leaving links to his/her own crappy videos just to get views. This person will also go through great lengths to try and find people that agree with them in hopes of finally getting the sense of belonging somewhere.
An example of an online attention whore would be this guy : alexsavov2 or his alter ego : oldsaviboy

This person is the epitome of attention whores. He constantly goes to every Frozen related posts just to scream that he hates and then proceeds to leave links to his videos about him screaming how he hates Frozen. Sometimes you even see him on videos that have nothing to do with Frozen and then this guy brings it up out of nowhere and then proceeds to scream some more of how much he hates like we get it! Shut up about this damn movie it's been two years! Move on, you're acting no better than the immature Frozen fanboys/fangirls.
by Excorcist225 August 27, 2015
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in addition:
females on message boards and chats usually visited by guys(gaming, skating, heavy metal) who make a big deal of being female. they will post pictures and links to pictures of themselves scantily clad so the guys will tell them how hot they are. and they will.
new topic: "hotsk8tergurly: hi guys! am i the only girl here???? :-?"
"no you're not."
"well, here are some pix of me at the beach! ^^ :D"
"Woooah, you're hot!"
"thx! you really think so? *blushesreallyhard*"
by icandoitbetter March 26, 2005
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Usually a very annoying little bitch who is extremely flirtatious, obsessed with herself, thinks shes the cutest, and thinks she deserves all of your attention. This kind of bitch usually goes through guy after guy by flirting with them and then dumping them.
Her spoiled brat attention seeking behavior may come from a rich daddy who constantly gives her way too much attention, gifts and treats her like a princess.
The attention whore will do anything to get attention from you. She is like a vampire who sucks attention and energy from you because it makes her feel good about herself. The only way to kill this parasite is by not feeding it attention.
Signs of an attention whore
1. Is a rich bitch.
2. Pampered by daddy and treated like a princess.
3. Constantly flirts with you not because shes genuinely interested in you, but because she wants your attention.
4. dresses and acts like a slut.
5. Is a drama queen.
6. Is a tease.
7. Is completely oblivious to the fact that shes an attention whore because she is stupid.

This girl has hundreds of pictures of herself on her myspace. She thinks shes so pretty, but shes not.
Shes just an attention whore.
by mr.mystery??? March 19, 2008
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There are sorta 2 versions of attention whores (they are usually girls). These kind of people are also known as drama queens. Ironically, it means that they like to cause a commotion and act as the victim.

Internet attention whore is a girl who joins forums, blogs, etc. They like to flirt with guys and act stupid and are usually very, very spammy. They post pictures of themselves (see cam whore) and say how ugly they feel (to generate compliments). If you feel ugly, why did you put yourself up? COMMON SENSE!! Alot of them are pretty good at Photoshop and all those editing stuff (which is pretty much their only talent). There are also those attention whores who know a couple of famous people, and post a lot of pictures of them with the famous person. A funny thing about these people: ever notice how most of their friends are guys, and girl friends are usually just like them?

Real life attention whores are people who have a strong craving for attention. When the light isn't focused on them, they desperately look for a way to make people notice them. RL attention whores constantly change the way they look. A good example is hair. They get these really weird looking hairstyles, with neon colors and other stuff. They usually have bad attitudes, but can be nice sometimes. Real life attention whores are also sometimes online attention whores.
Online attention whore on her blog: hey loozers!! posted up some pics for all my fans (tehe). SHOUTOUTS 2 MY BITCHES NIKKI AND JAC!!! <3 Ash-bash

Real life attention whore talking: Like, what the hell? That is sooo rad!! F*** yeah!
by Disclaimed August 23, 2007
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A person, usually female, who tends to: dress excessively provocatively (i.e., high heels and cleavage to the upper abdomen for a 2 year old's birthday party); keep eye contact with her female audience (her "competition") to a bare minumum, flickering the occasional glance only to verify she still has their attention, while standing toe to toe with a loud open mouth with any male who does not step back; raises her voice and speaks over others to either a) ensure that input into a conversation by any other females is not noticed or b) make sure no one forgets she is in the vicinity; constantly reapplies makeup/lipgloss in public; cannot stop talking about her clothing size/weight; loves being the only female to "show up" on an all-guys night out or trip and bragging about some happening in detail to each man's wife afterward; ends a visit/conversation only when someone else actually has something to say or starts to yawn.
His wife is an attention whore and I loathe her.
by SouthernBelle92 February 2, 2006
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