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Thomas is a very mysterious guy. Often people see him as an outsider never giving him the chance to prove himself. He is overlooked, but shouldn’t be, because when you make a friend like Thomas, you will never let him go. He is kind, caring, funny, and slightly flirtatious. More than anything he wants a significant other, someone who will appreciate him as much as he does others. When given a chance he can enchant a girl with something more powerful than looks... his personality. Thomas will often crack jokes that would light up any girls face. His largest weakness would simply be his ability to remove himself from any and every situation. He hates negative confrontation, some would call him a “peace maker”. This isn’t a bad thing, but Thomas deserves better than to lurk in someone else’s shadows. He’s too good of a person to not be seen as such. If only he knew that.
Thomas is a really great guy who deserves recognition.
by AllNames February 06, 2019
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A child having the misfortune of being named after a train from a popular tv show.
Thomas: hi my name is Thomas!
Person: like the trai...
Thomas:(puts gun to head)
by Noah Scott March 02, 2018
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Thomas is my best friend, he is charismatic, he inspires me everyday, he is such an amazing person to be around, fills everyone around him with so much happiness and bliss. He is intelligent, hilarious, caring, so fucking handsome, most attractive guy I have ever seen and he is so loved. I love him so much and I am the luckiest girl in the entire world, I would never give him up. Thomas is someone who cares more about the people he loves than himself, he would give anything for his family (maybe not his little brother). Thomas is incredibly smart and continues to amaze everyone around him with his intelligence everyday, he makes me so proud. Thomas is so athletic, talented at any sport, can run forever I’m not even kidding it’s impressive. He is so atheletic without any effort. He is a big gamer, the amount of fortnite games I’ve had to watch is crazy. If you asked him what his favourite pass time was he would either say watching YouTube or sleeping. On weekends, he will sleep upwards of 10 hours. No joke. Thomas is the type of person to push you to be your best, someone you would hold onto and never let go because he makes you love yourself more than you ever thought you could. He makes you crazy jealous because any girl would be so lucky to have him, yet he doesn’t see how amazing he really is. You want to fight with him just because his grumpy face is so cute, you want to make him laugh because its so contangious.
He makes you fall in love with his sarcastic jokes. He is perfect. Thomas you are perfect and I love you so much. Thomas I love you!!! From Kelly , love you my milk man
by Kelly loves u November 14, 2018
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An amazing guy that will always be by your side no matter what, he is a great friend that is smart and romantic. He is athletic,active,and a hardcore gamer.
by RosesAreAwesome July 10, 2014
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A noun that is the act of not studying anything ever and passing everything.
Wow I pulled an amazing Thomas on last weeks Bio test.
by Maineac February 14, 2012
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Thomas is the greatest boyfriend that anyone could ever ask for. He is the sweetest person and would never leave your side. Thomas is a best friend as well as someone who you can fall in love with instantly. He's not any average guy, he actually cares, and listens. Once you have him, you won't ever want to let him go, you'll want him to be in your arms forever. And if you do, don't let him go, it would be the worst mistake you would ever make.
Thomas M. G. You are the love of my life. I love you so much. <3 Five ever and 3 1/2 weeks.
by Isabelle-Paige January 14, 2013
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The Perfect Guy. He is everything you could ever want. clever, funny, understanding .. and yet mysterious. He can be paranoid and has trust issues but one day the right person will come along and she will be the one he decides to open up to. He is everything most girls would ever want and even though he doesnt think of himself as amazing or lovely ... he is so much better than what he sees in himself. you just fall head over heals for him.
girl - he is perfect
boy - he must be called thomas
by bobshiggle April 22, 2011
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