A person who doesn't like the Boston Bruins. Also known to not drink mimosas.
Look at that normal human not drinking a mimosa and wearing a Nashville Predators jersey.
by Harlinschic February 23, 2021
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Someone's shitty excuse for something dumb they did/ are doing
Don't rack on me for pouring milk before cereal, that just my normal human expression!
by Some ol' Hipster October 13, 2017
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One who seeks to improve oneself and the world around them, always respecting others and helping when possible.
Ghandi and Mother Theresa were normal human beings, Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck and Barney Frank are not.
by Greene Team July 21, 2011
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The irrational fear of confetti. Those with decency and rationale fear confetti. When ever confetti is seen the thoughts “this will never be fully cleaned” and “the person who will have to clean this will have a hellacious day”. People with a conscience do not use confetti not only as it makes them uncomfortable but because they care about others. People who say they like confetti are foolish, dumb, stupid, idiotic, contumelious, pretentious, ostentatious among other things but should not be hated due to the high possibility they have an underlying mental illness. Confetti is sin. Confetti is hell. It is not worth your salvation.
Wow. He uses confetti, quite disgruntling.
She likes confetti?? Disgusting

I heard he is a Normal Human Being and exhibits Normal Human Behaviour . What an example of how to behave.
by JustinTheWanker December 28, 2022
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A person that can pay their bills, has been married, does NOT eat 17,000 ponds of cheese every year, and has a good job.
not me, that’s for sure. a normal human being wouldn’t eat 17,000 pounds of cheese every year and have a wife. not me.
by Cheese Addict February 1, 2020
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