The business equivalent of "thoughts and prayers". Used by businesses, media, and groups to show support without actually doing anything tangible to help.
"We at company xyzabc declare our undying solidarity with the minority group currently being oppressed."
by TyrannicalDuck June 2, 2020
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solidarity. ... Any time you express support of a group or the people in it, you're showing solidarity with them. The word is used most often to describe a sense of unity with a political group, a group of striking workers, or people who have been deprived of their rights in some way.
Yet there is a solidarity between the chosen few and the masses which produce them; each has a duty to the other
by £hello$ November 23, 2018
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The intence bond between members of a (usually downtroden) political group that is used to rise up and resist, also Solidarity is a leftist political group that publishes against the current
todays anarchists rely on their strong sence of solidarity to overcome the opression of the capitalist raheme (sp?)
by Sairah Malawista January 23, 2005
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(noun, adj. noun) a love for another person so intense and unyielding that it is potentially militant.
solidarity sis. solidarity.
by king kong NINJA April 20, 2004
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A term used often by radicals to show support for a movement, cause, revolution, etc. It is often used when someone is not able to support with actions, so instead, support is shown through social communication.

However, it is also used by centrists and liberals to make themselves feel as if they're helping, when in reality they are simply providing comfort to their weak personas
The struggle against Daesh in the Middle East is a noble one. I stand in solidarity with the Kurds.

Hillary Clinton is so woke! I stand in solidarity with all the white women who've been oppressed in America!
by DougTheWizard December 8, 2016
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If he sinks, we all sink. Solidarity
by Mr. Micro December 15, 2018
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Staying true to who you are and want to be in response to other people's opposing opinions.
That's some bi and pan solidarity right there!
by Unimportant November 25, 2018
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