(P00"TaNG") A Slang word used to describe female genitals. Often combined with the word "Pie".
Hey Baby, how's about you let me eat some of your sweet Pootang Pie.
by Captain Jack Sparrow August 28, 2003
the beautiful hole between a womans legs
ie: pussy, beaver, snapper...
mmmmm..... SWEET "putang"
by me May 15, 2003
another word for that certain part of the female body that drives men crazy
whoa she has to have the sweetest putang in the world
by Deamon Dead April 17, 2008
I didn't know how to order the roasted goat meat because I did not speak putang.
by Christopher W June 6, 2005
The roast beef flapping between a lady's legs. Taste like salt and vineger chips with hair.
You here that flapping noise in the wind? It's stinking putang! it looks like roast beef but taste like salt and vineger chips.
by eazy-x January 31, 2008