To be utterly dissed and owned like the little bitch you are.
He didn't get pwned...he got ROASTED!!!
by kokenjr January 18, 2005
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when a group of friends take turns making fun of eachother in a jokingly and friendly matter
(name) farted during the sorority ritual, she is going to get roasted later in the group chat
by July 4, 2017
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get burned or told by(made fun of) a group of people
look at Ben's shoes" "he is about to get roasted bro"
by pauly d o ya February 9, 2011
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when you getblazedon or talked about badly
yo hair so nappy it looks like taco meat
by mbee October 2, 2004
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According to, roasted means to heat excessively. Most commonly used when roasting someone you call a "thanksgiving turkey". YOu normally roast turkeys, right??
by amazondestroyseconomies October 23, 2017
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To get high from smoking alot of marijuhana
i was so roasted last night!
by Big Chief February 3, 2003
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more mashup than toasted. Toasted is only lightly blazed.
after 3 spliffs: "i'm toasted"
after 10 : "I'm roasted."
by grief March 15, 2004
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