A group of soundcloud rappers that have not yet broken out. This includes group includes, Lil Pope,$alad,T-Money,Da Bean, and Shamy-D.
by 208 underrated rappers June 5, 2019
Small asian vagina, usual found under curry stained knickers.
" I whipped off her knickers and got an eyeful of putang winnington!"
by loopyfuckhead June 4, 2004
A group of "pussy's". A cast of super dork losa's.
"Yo, check that fuc*in putang clan over their, they def. get no puss.
by frexilicous February 5, 2010
A woman that has a foul or fishy odor coming from between her legs.i.e. An unpleasant smell coming from the vagina.
"After I unbuttoned her pants the stench of her tuna putang filled the air."
by Trolli February 6, 2010
its how filipinos say hi

say that to your friends from the philippines
"putang ina mo" (Ilove you)
"puta ka den" (i love you to)
by TPOSINGJOLLIBEE January 2, 2021