A Filipino word that, when translated in English means 'whore'.

You can use this to confuse people who don't know how to speak Tagalog (Filipino language) And tell them it's a compliment ;)

Girl you hate sees your wearing a cute top and decideds to actually be nice....... but you a petty bitch soooo.......

Girl: OMG you look so cute in that top!
You: Oh thanks! And you look like a putang, like usual!

Girl: what does putang mean?
You: Oh don't worry it's just a compliment!
Girl: Oh thanks!!
by Petty gurl ;)) November 1, 2019
the Tagalog word for Bitch derived from spanish word "puta"
it's definition is similar to "son of a bitch"
Putang ina mo!

putang = Bitch
ina = mother
mo = of yours
by pinoyn8cha August 20, 2006
putange is a Vagina!
by RaeRaeBabiee February 16, 2009
The drunken canadien word for poutine, a delicious after bar meal that consists of french fries, cheese and gravy. best when served in the lower part of a brown paper bag that has been cut in half.
hey nicole want to grab a putang after the bar?
by Stirfry Golfclub July 18, 2009
Referring to a woman/women from a asian ethnicity.
There is this sweet putang over there, on there other-side of the store.

In hawaii, there's a lot of fine putang.
by G-ManRocks2 October 13, 2009
Means I love you. A person saying when he/she love someone
Boy; putang INA mo
Girl: putang INA mo din
by Yuki chaaaaaannnn February 20, 2020