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A term popularized by internet gym bro juicehead RobertFrank615 to denote steroid sandwiches. Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid, and bologna a popular deli meat, thus the play on words trenbologna being a concatenation of the two.
Get me a shot of test, and a trenbologna sandwich and bring me back to FN life!
by Spit Blood May 29, 2017
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To be under the influence of a hallucinogen such as LSD or "Shrooms"
When I was trippin' I thought I could fly, so I jumped off the roof of the Kwik-Stop and broke my neck.
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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(n) A person who is so shady, they have become "shade" in physical form.
She caught Jason rifling through her purse when her back was turned. What a f--kin' shadeball!
by Spit Blood July 5, 2004
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Super Hot Babe
On a scale of 1-10 a 9.5+
also see HB
by Spit Blood April 16, 2003
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Speedy guitar notes or chords that require a great deal of skill to play. Generally part of a solo.
I can play some really hot lixx too. Like the ones that are way up high on the tiny strings and you have to mash your fingers on 'em like "meeedly meeeeldy meeeedly meeeeooooooow!!..."
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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Term for the male penis. A combination of the terms "junk" and "johnson".
Whether they call it my piece, my junk, my johnson or my junkson, all the women love it.
by Spit Blood January 1, 2006
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multi-purpose excalamtory
1) Goodbye!
2) Wow!
3) Take that!
4) That sucks!
5) Oh shit!

believed to have originated in Houston
upon seeing one's hometown team defeated in the final seconds of a sporting match:
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
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