Police. Due to the black and white color scheme of most police cruisers.
Dude, get your ass off that billboard! You know the black and white come by here like, every 5 minutes or so!
by teh pope July 28, 2004
When talking about old BnW flicks and pics and you want to spell it out, use hyphens.
It's not black and white movies, it's black-and-white!
One of the best PC games ever!
Who should I pick; The Cow, The Ape, or The Tiger?
by Bloody Mary October 9, 2003
A phrase describing something as being depressing, dull, out of date or just unappealing.
"The man's style was so black and white."

"She was so depressed, she looked black and white."
by Tibberoo July 19, 2017
Not colorful ;; a great stage or depression. A Lonely feeling about yourself. Sad and down.
I am not a very colorful person, im more black and white. Usually very depressed.
by TipsyPenguin007 January 31, 2006
In salute of the famous black and white cookie of the same name,black and white
refers to the perfect comingling of the obedient black nanny and her wealthy white boss.
I interviewed several Irish nannies, but have to admit, what I really crave is the perfect black and white situation.
by Biffy Law August 14, 2006
Snitching ..., statements...., proof by paper something being written on paper for proof (white= paper black=pen)
He snitchin in black and white

He wrote it down white meanin paper black meanin pen
by Problem mook February 1, 2020