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also the republican party
the GOP are a bunch of dumb ass idiots
by Krisy June 25, 2006

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Crack Cocaine, Blow. old term from the Late 80's early 90's
Mimi and Junkies
got any X
any smack
any horse
any Jugie Boogie Boy
any Blow
by Krisy August 16, 2006

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One of the many songs in Rent. Mimi gets her proper intro in this song
Christmas Bells are ringing, Christmas Bells are ringing, on tv. at saxs.
by Krisy August 21, 2006

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The sound a quail makes.

In Bio we discussed the importance of quails, squirrels and penguins. It was then decided quails go weee wooo.
by Krisy February 15, 2007

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To tip toe or walk softly.
I had to pussyfoot back into the house b/c i was coming in past my curfew.
by Krisy June 24, 2006

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