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someone who encounters endless blockades
"hey, mark says he's going to be late; he's encountered an endless blockade on route 1"

"what a pussyfooter"
by Bert Perchman December 26, 2011
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Someone who does exactly what their asked to do and doesn't have a backbone. This person also does not know how to defend themselves.

**Note: There is a difference between a nice person and a pussy footer.
Damn, yo! My dog is such a pussy-footer. He gave his girl his whole entire paycheck last week for she can go shopping, AND she cheats on him!
by HiGL August 04, 2011
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Dalton is the definition of a pussyfootin as niggah, who can't handle a zong rip.
by Soulzz June 13, 2017
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