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To procrastinate, to waste time, to stall.
Dude! It's a quarter til seven! Quit pussyfootin' and put your fucking clothes on!

<Jenny> Klassy, have you finished your homework yet?
<KlassyNig> Jen, you know I'm a professional pussyfooter... I haven't even started!
by KlassyNig April 30, 2004
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This is the word SHIT in Chat-Room-With-Word-Filter language.
You f*cking piece of $#!+... You'd better be glad I can't really cuss your @$$ out in here!
by KlassyNig April 30, 2004
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To disregard or ignore.

There are Countless methods of barring, such as... VERBAL BARRING where you blatantly disregard what someone is saying, and begin talking to someone else... SOCIAL BARRING, such as when you and your buddies suddenly become "undecided" or "unsure" of your evening plans when your fat, dorky, ugly suitemate asks if he can go party with you.

Best done when everyone around knows the person got barred EXCEPT the Bar Victim him/herself.
Scenario 1:
<Hot Hannah> KlassyNig, good to see you out tonight...
<Big Becky> KlassyNig, I thought you loved me... When are you gonna come show me some lovin??
<KlassyNig> *sigh* ......So Hannah, hows it been going?
<Hot Hannah> Haha, you sure barred the hell out of Becky!

Scenario 2:
<KlassyNig> (to self) Oh hell.... Here THIS chode comes.... Let me pretend I'm on the phone and bar his ass...
by KlassyNig April 30, 2004
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