Hard- to do something softly is to do it very well or very quietly, or not at all quietly, but certainly hard...softly.
All the babes in the castle morph into this humongous female crotch.The huge boner and crotch pork softly, while slamming into the guitar and wailing. -Robert Hamburger 2004
by HL Deez February 17, 2005
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An old English proverb founded by a boy scout, meaning: "Don't flurry; patience gains the day". (Basically meaning be patient.)
Mr Man: When is the bus coming?! It's been ages, and I need it here now!
Mrs Woman: Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey, My friend it'll come soon enough.
by Mr Man123 January 23, 2011
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Going somewhere in hopes to run into a crush to solicit interest without going to the extremes of stalking, aka constantly checking up on Facebook and messaging said person
She went to a different coffee shop than usual to softly-stalking the guy she met last week
by SweepIt June 05, 2015
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the feeling you have when you are forced to endure something really unpleasant but avoiding that thing would actually be a lot worse
Studying for this test is killing me softly, but failing the test would be worse.
by Ravenne April 18, 2009
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Banging the drum softly, or ear-fucking, is the act of penetrative intercourse in or around a man or woman's ear canal using ear wax as a natural lubricant. During the act, the tip of the penis rubs against the eardrum (hence the name), creating an intense pleasurable feeling in the head of the penis for the giver, and a pulsing and/or ringing sound in the ear of the taker.
"Sorry I didn't pick up the phone, mom. Mike was banging the drum softly and I could barely hear anything!"
by Adams Posa February 21, 2008
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