When you drop your keys in San Francisco and kick them all the way to Seattle before you bend over to pick them up
A prision inmate should be cautious when picking up a bar of soap
by idgaf December 19, 2003
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A person with ginger hair. Derived from acting 'gingerly', being cautious.
Attention can be drawn to the proximity of a ginger with the exclamation 'I have a cautionary tale to tell', which will alert your friends to the incoming, whilst causing no unnecessary alarm to your cautious intruder.
by DanMancUk February 29, 2008
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One who,in a videogame or real life, tends to move around and do nothing to help anyone... A person cautious about everything they do and is a better distraction than anything. This is usually caused by a lack of skill or just being a really big pussy.
"Damn it, Hes being a cautious carol again,hes not doing shit except hiding."

*friend* " Its better than the guy on my team giving the other team kills, hes a negative nathan"
by Mrredandblack August 19, 2009
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When a member of a race behaves cautiously around a member or members of another race in an attempt to avoid any form of racial or cultural disagreements,usually resulting in a series of ackward exchanges.
John:Why don't you ride home from practice with coach smith any more.

Eric:Because he always turns the radio station from country to rap and starts speaking in slang ever time.

John:Cautious Racism is a bitch.
by race killer June 5, 2013
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Excessively aware of your own being, and that you are being watched by others.
She was very self cautious as she performed her presentation in front of thousands of people last night.
by NayNay_15 December 20, 2011
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An increasingly relevant wordplay on the cliché "cautiously optimistic". As the world continues in free fall, its much more realistic to expect negative outcomes. Therefore, its much more pragmatic to maintain a cautiously pessimistic demeanor, rather than a cautiously optimistic one.
My cat is always cautiously pessimistic when inspecting anything new that I bring into the house.
by ChimneySweepGreg August 10, 2012
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