To act cautiously, to be careful in what words to use on someone.
To sneak, creep, be quiet and stealthy.
'Look, I don't want you to have to tip toe around me. I understand your side of the situation and will not hold that against you. I'm open to talk about this now.'
'Okay. Then let's proceed'
by Crimsonred March 7, 2016
San Fransisco gay person "tip toe in the tu-lips" squat tag in los gatos..
No tip toe in china town U go bay bridge many tip toe's checking out the fog blow horn. bahooo, bahooo, sounds go on all night long...
by itichie_nocanpo July 4, 2006
Slang for sex from behind while standing. The receiving party will usually need to lean on tour something stable i.e. a wall, sink or heavy furniture keeping them on the ball of their feet or tips of their toes.
French Montana's song

"Got your b**** tip toeing on my marble floor!"
by Viq November 18, 2014
Rubbing the tip of ones penis on a person's toes while they sleep.
Either I stepped in snot this morning, or someone has been tip toeing around here.
by loquacious loki January 10, 2015
To break something in an accidental and quite humorous way.
"Did you see him tip toes that priceless vase when he was juggling?"
by The Lord Szznt February 9, 2010
While in the doggy style position you insert your Great toe into the woman's butthole without pulling your penis out of her vagina.
I think I got a Charlie horse giving your mother a Tampa Tip Toe last Easter.
by Leg Tat November 12, 2017
If a woman has French tip toes she is a walking trophy. No one can tell her anything, she’s her own boss. Run her own program. All the men wish she was their own. But she’s not cheap, you have to spoil her. She’s not easy either, straight wifey type.
Cc has french tip toes bro 😍”
“That means she’s worth it”

“..Yea, you right bro.. ima buy her some Chanel bags”
by RealBaller1 August 5, 2019