The term applied to situations or objects which are rigged, unfair, or merely fucked up. This term comes from the fact that many punchbowls are spiked, and therefore put those drinking from the punchbowl at an unfair advantage against those who understand that its contents are laced.
"Man, did you hear about George Bush winning the election?"

"Yeah, dude. That was some punchbowl shit, right there."
by Rudy Schultz November 3, 2007
A sexual maneuver achieved when the male partner ejaculates onto a woman's torso. The ejaculate then collects, due to the force of gravity, in the female's navel (creating a punchbowl effect). The male then imbibes his own ejaculate from the navel, simulating a person who is drinking from a punchbowl.
As justin and marieke reached the climax in their throes of passion, justin retreated his soldier from her battlefield and sprayed his man chowder onto her chest. Marieke gathered the fluid into her punchbowl, and justin quenched his thirst with his own bi-product.
by punchbowl June 7, 2007
The friken best place in the world. dont mess with the boyz from her or we'll nek albek bro now hel ani.
georgies chicken in punchbowl is hectic
by ayri fik October 17, 2018
When a guy pukes into a girl's vagina, then proceeds to have sex with her puke-filled vagina.
He was so drunk, he didn't even realize he gave her a Jersey Punchbowl until he saw vomit on his dick the next day.
by Apollo's Pad May 5, 2009
When everyone is having a dandy time, and that one specific person ruins it for all.
Everyone was enjoying SallyAnne's party, untill Jim Bob took a shit in the punchbowl by knocking over the boombox.
by Coleycath98 July 17, 2011
Something that does not go over very well.
Nancy came dressed as a nun to Mike's sleep-over fuck party. Her appearance went over like a turd in a punchbowl.
by Richard Black March 4, 2005
Name given to anyone who is a complete drag.

Someone who is no fun to be around.
by D. Rich June 24, 2004