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The term applied to situations or objects which are rigged, unfair, or merely fucked up. This term comes from the fact that many punchbowls are spiked, and therefore put those drinking from the punchbowl at an unfair advantage against those who understand that its contents are laced.
"Man, did you hear about George Bush winning the election?"

"Yeah, dude. That was some punchbowl shit, right there."
by Rudy Schultz November 03, 2007
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1. A bowl to drink punch out of!

2. When someone is taking a toke out of a pipe and you punch the bowl, in an attempt to bring contact between the toker's face and the burning weed! Only do this when the weed is some dirty shwag, or risk losing some nice grass.
1. Need a definition? Are you stoopid?

2. Cuno: How did you get that burn on your face?
Pita: That ass Mark punch bowl'd me yesterday, and it was MY fucking weed!
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When you are at a house party and someone cloggs the sink and everybody pisses in the sink.
Yo dude, I totally punch bowled the bathroom sink.

Go fill it up .
by Gdit March 09, 2017
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When a women gets in the Hot Tube on her period. Thus creating a punch bowl effect with red water.
Suzi, do you want to go Hot Tubbing? No, I am on the rag and don't want to Punch Bowl your tub.
by Stephen from Sacto April 10, 2008
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A sexual maneuver achieved when the male partner ejaculates onto a woman's torso. The ejaculate then collects, due to the force of gravity, in the female's navel (creating a punchbowl effect). The male then imbibes his own ejaculate from the navel, simulating a person who is drinking from a punchbowl.
As justin and marieke reached the climax in their throes of passion, justin retreated his soldier from her battlefield and sprayed his man chowder onto her chest. Marieke gathered the fluid into her punchbowl, and justin quenched his thirst with his own bi-product.
by punchbowl June 06, 2007
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When people fill a bowl with random pills and everybody takes random ones at their own risk.
Bryan: β€œDude, did you hear? Tony od’d last night off a punchbowl.”
Maxwell: β€œFor real? Man, punchbowls are one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of.”
by Notmurealname November 18, 2019
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