Adj.: to be excessively praising an individual, nearly hinting at some form of attraction.
Example: Tony loved Kobe Bryant. He was so on his dick that I wondered if he had a secret shrine of him.
by MenaceToSociety June 1, 2014
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1. When you continously laugh at someone's jokes to fit in and or afraid of the jokes being transferred towards you...

2. Common intro in convosations... Lmao, lol, hahaha, facts, etc.

3. Doesn't have to necessarily have to understand the joke... (Just inputs laughter)

4. Never a funny joke when about oneself or nationality
Colin: Lmao

Anonymous: Why you on (his) dick... ? Shit wasn't even funny.

Hooded Kermit "you did good... Now scroll up and see whats funny"
by Tidgeset December 14, 2016
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When a girl goes down a guy and performs all sorts of manuevers. This activity can last for hours (or as long as he does) much like the board game.
Last night Riley went monopoly on his dick!
by mronald March 13, 2014
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Not knowing what the fuck to do in any given situation.
He's shit at this game. It's like he is walking around with his dick in hand.
by Limpy1732 October 19, 2017
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When a girl is clearly trying to get with someone. One can see obviously that she wants the guy very hard. It's often awkward and makes others uncomfortable.
I was tryna get some cupcake and Charski said she'd wait for me, but then I turned around and she was trying to get at his dick.
by lilemski143 March 28, 2011
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