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A common misconception, not a typographical error. (C'mon people, you should have learnt this in primary school).

1. The word "Everyone" refers to everybody; such as when talking about a group of people.

2. The phrase "Every one" refers to each individual item or thing within a group.
1. "Everyone over there suck at playing soccer."

2. "Every one of those balls are red in colour."
by code7 March 17, 2006
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The New York Times
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by Callmemaybe69 May 04, 2021
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All people including you! You're spending time on Urban Dictionary when you have papers to file or burgers to flip or algebra 1 homework to finish so you can pass eleventh grade
everyone is all people bruh ur dumb if you think it's less than all.
by PewPew gun February 17, 2020
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The most important and superior line in the Need for Speed Series. If consider yourself as a fan of these games, but don´t know this phrase, you´re very far to even be considered a fan. I´m not saying a true fan, but just a regular fan.
Cross: I want every single unit after that guy

Cross´s unnamed partner: Everyone?

by IVAJJ September 09, 2020
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