A common misconception, not a typographical error. (C'mon people, you should have learnt this in primary school).

1. The word "Everyone" refers to everybody; such as when talking about a group of people.

2. The phrase "Every one" refers to each individual item or thing within a group.
1. "Everyone over there suck at playing soccer."

2. "Every one of those balls are red in colour."
by code7 March 17, 2006
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All people including you! You're spending time on Urban Dictionary when you have papers to file or burgers to flip or algebra 1 homework to finish so you can pass eleventh grade
everyone is all people bruh ur dumb if you think it's less than all.
by PewPew gun February 17, 2020
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Everyone on Instagram that posts how they're the coolest and the dopest and the kindest and the hottest and hostess of the mostest.
Dude have you seen how EVERYONE is amazing and their only flaw is their follower to following ratio coupled with likes to pictures ratio??
by DeafLepper November 24, 2021
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Everyone is referring to the trolls trolling the trolled trolling the trolls. If you're not doing so you must give me a call sometime so I can visit and possibly leave the existence I've known for so long here.
Everyone likes to see another one's suffrage and short comings. Everyone makes me feel worthless than what I already do. Everyone is happier than I am. Everyone should be ashamed of themselves for not doing a better job and being so / so .
by Everyone Us September 5, 2018
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Possibly the most annoying thing one can do on Discord, a chatting service geared towards mainly gamers. If you use a bot on there to search for the definition of this, you will most likely piss everyone off.
you: .ud @everyone
ErisBot: Urban Dictionary Error: '@everyone' was not found! :frowning:
server full of people: WHO JUST DID THAT
by magamen123 January 15, 2017
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A command on discord that notifies everyone on the server. The more times you type @everyone the more people will like you and not be disappointed about the notification.
Dudewhoeveryoneisgoingtolove: @everyone
By using @everyone you are about to mention 69,420,666,911 people. Are you sure?
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Several people are typing...
by AlterLynx 2 September 10, 2018
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